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I hate it when you really need to talk to a friend about something important because you feel like your world is crashing down on you but they act like you don’t exist until their problems occur.

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There was a time
When I was the only
Star in your universe,

But my light
Won’t lead you home

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me when I’m me

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When someone thinks you’re a hassidic hillbilly with a snoot full of honeybees


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Aug 6, 2014

love is an amazing thing. maybe the best of things. and if its not amazing thing for you, maybe you just haven’t find your love. 😏

Aug 1, 2014

Sorry Lord, for I know I deserve this misery.

I thought it was okay to kiss the boy who made my stomach feel on fire when he looked at me, but I didn’t realize that one day that fire would turn to ice and I’d be crying on the bathroom floor with blood covering my clothes screaming about how he kissed the girl he swore he was only friends with.
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Forget about him. You are losing sleep over a boy who is sleeping well, with a whole other girl on his mind. You are sitting there staring at your phone waiting for a text or call from this boy who is probably already on the phone with that other girl. You are posting or reblogging sad posts on how hurt you are and you miss him.. hoping he sees it but he’s busy worrying about the other girl and her posts. You are crying over that dude but he’s making another girl smile right now. If you aren’t the girl hes giving his all to, then he shouldn’t be the boy you are still dedicated to. Truly that’s just how it is.
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I’m doing my best
To be okay
But it doesn’t always work.
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♡ Sad black and white blog ♡
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♡ Sad black and white blog ♡

Jul 5, 2014

jealousy is the worst kind of hate.